Useful Dementia Resources

SCIE – Dementia Gateway


A recently developed video of people speaking about their experiences of living with dementia:


‘Living with dementia’

A SCIE film which features people who are living with dementia talking about their emotions and experiences:,2TGTY,P0YKS,A8JO7,1


‘Working with a client with dementia’

A video produced by Ruils, a user-led organisation based in Richmond:


The Alzheimer’s society

A video explaining what the different types of dementia are:


IDEA is an online learning centre to improve the care and quality of life of people with dementia. It is a one-stop website where you will find information and resources including online courses and a range of audio-visual materials about dementia, its causes, treatment and the care of people affected:


Naomi Feil & Gladys Wilson

There is a video on YouTube of the founder of validation therapy (Naomi Feil) communicating with Gladys Wilson, a lady in the later stages of dementia:


Dementia Care Mapping


The DSDC Virtual Care Home

There are seven care home room views with information panels to highlight features of good practice in dementia-friendly design: 


Darkness in the Afternoon

A film from the perspective of the person with dementia:


Dementia Friendly Communities

Innovations in Dementia have a toolkit to support local work to develop dementia friendly communities:


Social Work and Dementia:


Graham Stokes

Dr Stokes, a consultant clinical psychologist and has been instrumental in the development of person-centred approaches to care and published a series of books on dementia. A five minutes video by Graham Stokes covering what is dementia is available at:


AT Dementia

Information on the use of Assistive technology for people living with dementia:


NHS Choices

A good section on dementia:


Your Story Matters

The Life Story Network (LSN) has been funded by the Department of Health, to deliver the "Your Story Matters" training resource in Life Story Work, Human Rights and dementia:


Progress for Providers Resource

In Control have developed a self-assessment resource to help achieve greater personalisation for people with dementia living in care homes:


Supporting Derek

Published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in partnership with the University of Edinburgh, this resource is aimed at staff supporting people with learning difficulties who develop dementia:


Hot Tips for Supporting People with a Learning Disability and Dementia

A free booklet from MacIntyre to help staff teams support a person who has dementia or is in the early stages of dementia, available at:



You can find out more about this approach to end of life care for people with dementia at:


My Home Life dementia videos:


Living well through activity in care homes:


Dementia Resources for Schools

There are a range of resources developed for use with children, which can be found at:

Creating a Dementia Friendly Generation


Dementia Action Alliances

These are the coming together of organisations to deliver the National Dementia Declaration; a common set of seven outcomes informed by people with dementia and their family carers.  Alliance members work towards delivering this vision through committing to actions within their organisation and undertaking joint programmes of work, for instance in care, housing and schools:


The Bradford Well-being Profile

A tool developed by the Bradford Dementia Group at Bradford University. The tool is a free resource and does not require the person using it to be qualified but to have an underpinning knowledge of person centred approach, wellbeing and the psychological needs of people with dementia:


As easy as ABC

A free resource covering 100 hints and tips for activity based:


A cure for Derek?

The Alzheimer’s Society has launched this short film which follows the lives of Derek, who has dementia, and his wife, Yvonne, who has survived cancer:


DEEP (Dementia Voices)

Guides aimed to support the involvement of people with dementia. These have been created with the input of people with dementia:


Barbara’s Story

This is a video produced by Guy’s & St Thomas’s which shows, from the perspective of the person with dementia, what it’s like going into hospital / receiving care at home:


House of Memories App

My House of Memories allows you to explore objects from the past and share memories together. It can be used by anyone, but has been designed for, and with, people living with dementia and their carers:


Face Dementia

A way of using your facebook profile to give people an insight into the symptoms of dementia:  


The Dementia Diaries

A resource developed by Kent County Council to introduce dementia to young people:


Person-Centered Matters video

This video portrays the lives of 5 people who have dementia and shows how person-centered care helps them live meaningful lives:


‘My Visitors’ book

A book for a person living with dementia to help them keep track of the professionals who visit them in their home:


‘Welcome to our world’

A book written by a group of people who each have a diagnosis of dementia, and who want to share some stories from their lives alongside expressing some thoughts surrounding inhabiting the world of dementia from the inside:


Handbook to support family & friend carers of people with dementia

The handbook aims to help people’s understanding of dementia, provides practical tools and includes sections on day-to-day living, support and legal and money matters. It also includes an A–Z of symptoms and behaviours and a section on record keeping and updating relevant care documents:


Video: Can you help people like Linda get the right support?

As part of their ‘Right to Know’ campaign, the Alzheimer’s Society has created a film in which the viewer follows Linda through her diagnosis and sees how frightening and confusing it can be. The film also shows how much difference a Dementia Adviser or Support Worker can make to the experience:


Free eBook: Butterflies and Battlefields – conflict with dementia in the home

Two photographers have recently completed this eBook which explores with photography and storytelling dementia's impact upon family life. It can downloaded free of charge (in pdf format) at:

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